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Ledston Equine Centre and Indoor Arena


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17th century listed buildings of the Ledston Estate provide a stunning backdrop to our indoor arena.

Seating 350, the arena was once the training venue for Britain’s dressage, show-jumping and pentathlon teams and, in the 1970s, was the North of England’s premier site for equestrian events.

Now renovated to superb specifications, the arena is once again buzzing with regular showjumping, dressage, showing and other events.

Dressage at Ledston

Our Dressage competitions run from February to December, taking place on each month.

May 21st 2017 – NOW FULLY BOOKED

June 4th 2017 – NOW FULLY BOOKED

Indoor Arena Facilities

We have some wonderful indoor arena facilities here at Ledston that can be hired by the day or the hour.

Hire our Arena